Productivity in a Pill: The Lie That Kills

Use of amphetamines, and prescription drugs like Adderall to improve performance in jobs or with athletes leads to increasing emergency room visits. The bad news, it doesn’t really improve performance – it is an illusion.

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Tilapia Ceviche - a healthy, fresh dish

Tilapia: To Eat or Not To Eat?

Tilapia continues to get bad press about why it should not be eaten. Here is the real story about this maligned fish – why you should consider this as a healthy fish to add to your diet.

Even cooking in the kitchen we don't use "kitchen spoons" to measure ingredients - we use precise measurments

Biotruths: What We Are Meant to Eat

In the future someone will say, “Eat like they did in the 21st century, they lived long and had little disease.” They will argue over McDonald’s. A biotruth is a logical fallacy – in this case applying it to food, about how we are “meant” to eat.

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At 1080 calories, this one salad seems healthy - but is over half the calories that an adult male burns in a day.

5 of the Biggest Weight Loss Myths

Here are five myths about weight loss. You think Peanut Butter and yogurt are good? You think potatoes are bad? Think again. Dr. Terry Simpson debunks 5 of the biggest myths about losing weight.

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