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Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs

A new serious antibiotic resistant bacteria was found in patients who underwent endoscopy at UCLA. Here are 5 things to know about superbugs and 5 things to do about them.

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Even cooking in the kitchen we don't use "kitchen spoons" to measure ingredients - we use precise measurments

Biotruths: What We Are Meant to Eat

A biotruth is a logical fallacy – in this case applying it to food, many will state how we must eat this or not eat that, based on the logical fallacy that this is how we are “meant” to eat.

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Brown rice from California, India, Pakistan - all have lower levels of arsenic than rice from other parts of the country.

Whole Grains Lead To Longer Life: Really?

In a slap to those who believe grains are evil, a new study shows that people who consume whole grains live longer and have less heart disease and diabetes. But is there a magic in whole grains versus white rice – probably not.


Heroin vs. Over Eating: Which is Harder to Kick?

There is a high level of weight regain after diets. Dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry that peddles more hope than weight loss. Is the 95% return of lost weight that was reported half a century ago still the same in light lifestyle modifications with modern drugs, exercise, psychological support, and understanding of the microbiome and evolutionary biology?

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