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The majority of people who die from measles are kids - it isn't a benign disease, and yet a Valley Doctor would have you think it is

Measles Causes More Deaths

Measles vaccine protects against other deadly diseases. Measles suppresses the immune system leading to deaths after developing the disease. The vaccine protects against this.

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Eat Late – Gain Weight

those late night snacks lead to more calories and if you add that ice cream daily, it can lead to twenty or thirty pounds per year. Eating late at night and over eating can be explained by not having the sense of satiety as during the day.

At 1080 calories, this one salad seems healthy - but is over half the calories that an adult male burns in a day.

5 of the Biggest Weight Loss Myths

Here are five myths about weight loss. You think Peanut Butter and yogurt are good? You think potatoes are bad? Think again. Dr. Terry Simpson debunks 5 of the biggest myths about losing weight.