Did Percocet Kill Prince?

Speculation that Prince may have died from Percocet again raises awareness that we have a major epidemic of narcotic deaths in the United States. More people die from narcotics than die in car accidents.

Coke Joins Obesity

2.7% Live a Healthy Lifestyle? What Can You Do?

Only 1% of Americans who qualify for weight loss surgery get it. This study shows how that body fat percentage is one of the most important lifestyle factors for optimal health. Weight loss surgery combined with healthy eating and active lifestyle are actions people can take.

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Narcotics: Too Often Prescribed for Chronic Pain

The CDC recommendations for narcotic (opioid) use are out. We have a public health crisis with increasing prescriptions for opioid medications without good evidence they help chronic pain. Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin are as addictive as heroin.

His restaurants don't label the food he sells you

No, You Are Not Eating Frankenfish

Food hypocrisy from popular TV personality “Top Chef,” Tom Colicchio. His restaurants would be exempt under his proposal. Now the Senate rejects state-by-state labeling. Why this is important.

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Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes affect half the US population

Diabetes Rising, Insulin Prices Increasing

Diabetes is increasing. Insulin costs have tripled. Obesity as a source of diabetes is increasing. Yet, weight loss surgery is decreasing. The World Health Organization reports that over the last 25 years the number of people suffering from diabetes has risen to 422,000,000.


Artificial Sweeteners: Still Bad

Artificial sweeteners, or “low energy sweeteners” have periodically been implicated as a separate cause of obesity. Evidence has been found that people take in more calories when using sweeteners.

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