Coffee and Melanoma

Drinking four cups of coffee a day decreases the risk of melanoma. The roasting of coffee releases various compounds including some vitamins, pro-vitamins that are known to protect mice from developing melanoma.

Measles in an infant - it isn't benign

Measles Outbreak and Anti-vaccination Crowd

The measles outbreak from Disneyland and in the Hockey league have brought out the anti-vaccination crowd. Vaccination depends upon a herd immunity. The more people in the herd who have a vaccine, the less likely a disease will find a vulnerable host to continue the spread.

Don't worry what the Glycemic Index says about these fruits- its ok to eat them.

Glycemic Index Falling

The Glycemic Index, and what glucose spikes do to our body isn’t exactly what was previously reported. Another bogus diet theory bites the dust, as does its multi-million dollar industry.


Kale: It’s GMO

Modern food mythology states we should have “whole” foods that are not genetically modified. The problem is the vast majority of foods, including common ones like Kale, have been genetically modified. So if you are Paleo, or a Raw Foodie, a Slow Foodie, Locavore – genetically modified foods are simply a way of life.

Jenny's Turkey Chili

Mail Order Diet Food

Mail order food from diet companies does not encourage weight loss. Once people stop ordering the expensive food weight comes back on. Better to learn to make the food in your kitchen and you will not only have better food, but it will taste better.

Brown rice from California, India, Pakistan - all have lower levels of arsenic than rice from other parts of the country.

Whole Grains Lead To Longer Life: Really?

In a slap to those who believe grains are evil, a new study shows that people who consume whole grains live longer and have less heart disease and diabetes. But is there a magic in whole grains versus white rice – probably not.