Craft Beer versus Common Domestic Beer

I don't know much about beer - but I'll bet Evo likes this one

There is a difference between craft beers, and subpar-hoppy-inferior-tasteless ( SHIT ) domestic beers. But that difference isn’t just taste – it may be the way the body will process different beers.

Think of craft beers as whole wheat and the SHIT beers as white flour. A person who eats white bread develops a rapid rise in blood sugar, followed by the body responding with high levels of insulin—all of which serve to convert to fatty acids that end up as fat. When a person consumes less processed foods- the rise in blood sugar is much less allowing the body to utilize it as fuel, instead of fat.

Wheat berry to flour

Craft beers are less about broken down overly processed ingredients, and more about enjoying the refined taste – hence, our theory is that the body doesn’t quickly process the craft beers as quickly as SHIT beer. For a better discussion about beers that Evo drinks- see his posts at

There has been a controversy about beer for years.  In the South Beach Diet (another silly diet plan) they said beer-contained maltose—it doesn’t – that is long gone by the time it gets to your lips. Doesn’t it amaze you that so many diets are based on things people make up (no it doesn’t surprise me, they all are pretty awful).

Another diet NOT based on "science"

Oddly- no one has tested the glycemic index of beer – so Evo and I will be doing this. Under physician supervision we will perform the glycemic index of a proper craft beer and a SHIT beer. After all – this is science, and we are up to the task. I am speaking for Evo here, and he doesn’t realize I am going to be getting blood samples from him every fifteen minutes—don’t tell him, just say it is for science, and we will keep giving him beer.

For years beer has gotten the bad rap with every diet known to man. Starting with at the turn of the century when diabetes was blamed because of beer. One hears about the “beer gut” – and all assume it is the quantity of beer that is consumed- without thinking that the other items that are commonly consumed with beer might be the cause. In this case we know what Evo will be consuming with his beer – not pizza, but just the sausage.

Beer gut? Nope- probably pizza gut

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