Gordon Ramsay Steak: Las Vegas

Gordon Ramsay Steak, Las Vegas. Quality, Consistency, Delicious

Gordon Ramsay Steak was everything you would want from a restaurant: amazing service, delicious food, and an atmosphere that is upbeat. But I was a bit hesitant to go to a restaurant that might be a chain- I am glad we went.

When does a restaurant group become a chain?
I ask that a lot as many chefs are putting their names on restaurants, especially in Las Vegas. Is there a number beyond which the “chef” looses control? Simon Majumdar, food writer, critic, tv personality says, “I don’t think it’s a specific number, but it is once corporate strategy takes over from dining vision.”

Ramsay is obsessive about service, food quality, and the patron’s experience. When he opens a new restaurant he takes an experienced crew and they train, and they make the food again, and again, and again – until they have it so consistently they are ready to open. That consistency comes through.

Gordon Ramsay Steak in Vegas

Since we went from Paris Paris to Gordon Ramsay’s Britain, we might as well drink water from Wales

Located in Paris Paris, the restaurant sign is visible throughout the casino. Easy to find is a plus, given how many casinos want you to wander aimlessly by, Ramsay insisted on visibility – and after walking a mile to get there, I appreciated it. But a place called Paris- for a Brit?

As the hostess takes you in you go through a small tunnel, and they are quick to point out, “This is our representation of the chunnel- taking you from France to Britain.”

It is difficult to go to a steak house and not think about ordering steak, especially when you see the lovely product they have. But the choice was made more difficult when they offer the tasting menu, that has a lot of Hell’s Kitchen menu items. Besides, how many times do you see Ramsay send back scallops in Hell’s Kitchen with his famous, “Its raaaaawwwww.”  The scallop here  was cooked perfectly – as was everything.

In addition to ordering the tasting menu, the waiter suggested we add a steak –  an excellent choice.

Gordon Ramsay Steak - ceiling

They say this is an artist representation of Ramsay’s hands in motion, my wife thought it looked like a brain

April and Christine Wilson Gordon Ramsay Steak

Hell’s Kitchen winner, Christine Wilson, takes time out from a busy restaurant to chat and pose with April Simpson (@producergirl)

Gordon Ramsay Steak - wine guy

The wine sommelier was helpful without being pretentious. Asking what flavors and wines we preferred, and then chose something new

Gordon Ramsay Steak - wine Doubleback

Drew Brees will be better known for his wine than his skill in football. Smooth, tastes of fine leather, salt, and perfect grape

Gordon Ramsay Steak - wheel of steaks

The presentation, the service, the food — all top flight

Gordon Ramsay Wheel of steaks

A beautiful wheel of steak – so difficult to choose

Gordon Ramsay Steak - amuse busch

The Amuse Bouche – a Scotch Egg with berkshire pork sausage, and red wine braised cabbage

Gordon Ramsay spring salad

Fennel seared ahi, pea shoots, asparagus, and candied rhubarb

Scallop risoto Ramsay Steak

A seared scallop (perfectly cooked), spring mushroom risotto, and mushroom puree

Beef wellington _Ramsay

It has been a long time since I had Beef Wellington – too long, and Ramsay does his perfectly

Steak Gordon Ramsay

A beautifully sliced Rib Cap Steak

Brown butter filled blueberry tarts, vanilla bean anglaise, warm blueberry compote, citrus infused vanilla ice cream, micro mint

To sum it up:

The food was executed perfectly, and the night was busy – but, as our waiter told us, every night is Saturday night. The service impeccable, and the atmosphere upbeat. When in Vegas there are a lot of places to get food, there are a lot of celebrity restaurants, but if you like steak, or want a taste of Hell’s Kitchen, this is the place to go.

Advice to Hell’s Kitchen Contestants:
If you are serious about winning Hell’s kitchen and working in Ramsay’s restaurant group, go to this restaurant, taste everything. Then go home and make it again and again until you have it done perfectly. I’m shocked that none of the contestants do this.  Ramsay’s restaurants prove it: if you want to do it perfectly, it takes practice – and he doesn’t put it out to the customer until his chefs can do it perfectly.

Note: as with all reviews, we pay the entire bill and leave a 20% tip – the price was worth it, and since this is where April took me for my birthday, it was especially sweet.

Dr. Terry Simpson About Dr. Terry Simpson
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    On a trip to Las Vegas, went here,………., across-the-board everything was great, really nice. Nice enough in fact that on the last evening in town deliberately made it a point to return.

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