Copper River King Salmon

Every May the ceremonial first Copper River King Salmon arrive from Cordova, Alaska in Seattle via Alaska Airlines. It is a ceremony that all Alaskans wait for- and this morning it happened.

This year the 48 pound king salmon was taken off the plane by Alaska Airlines Capt. David Boshell, and first officer Melissa Van Dyke and delivered to the chefs who have their annual cook-off.  The plane carried 24,100 pounds of salmon after catching the salmon on Thursday.  From Sea to table (Sea-Tac Airport Table) in less than 24 hours. That makes the definition of “local” salmon 1290 miles!

This year the Sea-Tac Airport cookoff was won by John Howie, the owner of Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar, who defended his title from last year. Once we get the recipe we will post it – if only we could have been there to judge! Maybe next year.



Dr. Terry Simpson About Dr. Terry Simpson
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