Ebola Patients Cured

Dr. Brantly has made it home

When Dr. Kent Brantly became ill he called his wife from  Liberia  to say “goodbye.”  Dr. Brantly received an experimental drug and began to improve- and then he was brought to the US, first stop : Atlanta.

Many have said that we should not bring home patients with Ebola, that it is too dangerous. Such thinking is out of fear and ignorance – and we addressed five reasons to bring Ebola sufferers back home to the US, previously.

Today Dr. Brantly will be able to hug his kids and his wife. Dr. Brantly will be discharged home.

But what is more important is we have now used an experimental treatment, and are closer to developing a treatment for this deadly virus. If you fear the virus, then study it- learn your enemy. We have, and the more we do the closer we are to making this virus a page of history instead of a plague for the world.

Dr. Terry Simpson About Dr. Terry Simpson
Dr. Terry Simpson received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago where he spent several years in the Kovler Viral Oncology laboratories doing genetic engineering. He found he liked people more than petri dishes, and received his MD. Dr. Simpson, a renowned weight loss surgeon, is a leading advocate of culinary medicine. A frequent contributor to media outlets discussing health related topics and advances in medicine, he is also a proud dad, husband, author, cook, and surgeon “in that order.” For media inquiries, please visit www.terrysimpson.com.


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