Automatic Coffee Makers: 5 Year Comparison: DeLonghi Gran Dama vs Jura Impressa

Over ten years of use- the clear winner, and less expensive model

Automatic Coffee Machines

Over the years these “expensive” machines cost less than the K-cups.

I have had two automatic coffee machines that I have tested for over five years each. In five years these machines have made hundreds of cups of coffee for myself, friends, and family. They were both expensive when they were purchased – but they both provided something that modern day pod machines cannot buy. If you are serious about coffee and want convenience, then purchasing an automatic machine is a great way to go.

Here are the advantages:

  • You do not have to rely on a pod or K-cup system with coffee that has been made before
  • You can choose the coffee you want
  • You can regulate the grind
  • You do not have to make a lot of hot water in a kettle to make a single cup if you want

They are NOT that expensive over time.

Machines are expensive, but they will cost less than a K-cup or a Nespresso.

Cost Per Pound:

K-cups – $50 per pound

Jura – $17 per pound

DeLonghi – $19 per pound

Most K-cup coffee ends up costing about $50 per pound. Cost of coffee, and depreciation of the machine make these two machines less than $20 per pound of coffee. This assumes a five year lifespan on these machines.

The price of a Jura model today is $1000.00. If you make 5 cups a day, our machine costs 5 cents per cup. One pound of coffee gives 45 cups, and it costs me about 30 cents a cup. That means, if the Jura lasts five years, my cost per cup of fresh ground coffee is 35 cents. If I buy a K-cup of my favorite brand of coffee it is 78 cents on Amazon.

I have freshly ground coffee. No K-cup disposal issue. Less Expensive.

If we do the more expensive Gran Dama from Delonghi at $2300, then the cost per cup of coffee rises to 42 cents per cup still less than the K-cup price.

Comparison of Jura vs. DeLonghi

Produced a great cup of coffee for five years, but the Jura is still better.

The Jura was purchased in 2004.  It was in continuous use for five years it had to be sent to the factory because the burr grinder broke.  After that it had little use and the DeLonghi was the machine used from 2010 to 2015.

The two machines are available today in a mildly different fashion. But in comparing them, the Jura provided constant crema at the top, the DeLonghi did not.  The Jura has gone back to the factory once because the burr grinder broke. It is less cumbersome to ship. The DeLonghi has gone back to the factory twice- once for a signal for the door and the other for another aparatus.

It is not often you get to have a greater than five year for these types of machines.


If you love coffee, but do not wish to fool every morning with an Aeropress, French Press, or Chemex – these machines are a better value than any pod system or K-cup system out there. But after five years the Jura will stay as our main coffee machine for the mornings.

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