Food Babe Joins Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Steven Novella announced today that Food Babe would be joining the podcast, Skeptics Guide to the Universe. This seems like an odd combination as the science based podcast has often been critical about Food Babe and her non-science approach to her blog, but it turns out to be good for both.

Vani Hari said she realized she needed someone to help her with the science part of her blog and turned to her most vociferous critic, the Yale neurologist whose podcast, Skeptics Guide to the Universe, has been critical of her lack of science. Novella offered to help Hari, and it turns out the two got along famously.

Novella noted that he will expand his blog writing to include Hari’s blog, because he needed more blogging practice, and was working on his editorial form.

In the most surprising move Novella asked Vani Hari to join Skeptics Guide as a regular host, being the first new voice since Rebecca Watson left in January. The other members of the crew were happy to have someone that they could play “Science or Fiction.” Apparently after the first episode Vani was the only one to score perfectly, having taken a new found interest in reading science journals prolifically.

“I am happy to have Steven Novella join the Food Babe Army,” Hari beamed. Novella stated, “We have been having guests on our show for a few months now and we needed a new voice, and we are happy and proud to announce Vani Hari will be joining the podcast as a regular member. We have already recorded our first episode and we had a lot of fun.”

Steven Novella now joining the Food Babe Army

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  1. Laurence Fitzgerald says:

    In related news Bob Novella will henceforth be known as “The Science Beefcake.”

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