Toddler Removed From Home Over Concerns of Second-Hand Smoke

The world and the judiciary have simply gone mad. They have taken a two year old boy from his parents home because of the risk of second hand smoke.

The judge said, β€œI find that there were numerous occasions with AB (child’s name redacted to protect him)was exposed to excessive levels of smoke in the home that will have an impact on his health and well-being.”

Does this mean every smoker (of which there are about 30 million) has to worry about children and grandchildren being taken away? Does this mean that if you have a cigar around your child you should worry?

In a previous- and highly controversial article, I showed how there is minimal science behind the danger of second-hand smoke called The Myth of Second Hand Smoke.

Even OSHA withdrew its decision about smoking in the workplace. Now, without scientific basis, a judge puts a child up for adoption.

Yes, the world has gone mad.

Let me make one point clear: if you smoke in front of your child you are an idiot. It does increase the risk of ear issues and exacerbates asthma – if they have it. But, most of us were raised in the homes of loving parents, who – unfortunately smoked.


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