Adapting Slow Cookers and Rice Cookers to Sous Vide

Gourmet, Home-cooked meals – Sous Vide.

Now you can turn your Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker into a precise Sous Vide Machine. Plug this device into your wall, plug the rice cooker or slow cooker into it. Small, compact, allowing precision cooking.

Codlo hand

Here the Codlo unit is hooked up to a Codlo Rice Cooker. I put this on a bathroom counter top – to show how you can save space with this unit but lose none of the precision of the larger units.

Now you can use your rice cooker or slow cooker as a Sous Vide with this simple device.

The device plugged into the rice cooker. Set this up on a small bathroom counter to show how you can save space.

Sous Vide cooking allows precise temperature cooking of proteins and vegetables. It is the preferred cooking method for many great Chefs because of its precision (Thomas Keller, Hester Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver). It has been used for home use since Polyscience introduced its first home unit in 2009. Below is my first home unit – it takes a lot of space – and costs three times as much. I have found that now I prefer the Codlo – simpler to set up, and easy to cook for one or two people. I use the unit below when I have a number of guests, or larger proteins to cook (like a 5 pound brisket).

This is an emersion unit for Sous Vide- made by Polyscience

This is an emersion unit for Sous Vide- made by Polyscience

So if you are interested you can purchase this unit directly – click BUY CODLO

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