Coffee Grounds Inhibiting Zika

These coffee grounds inhibit mosquito fertility

These coffee grounds inhibit mosquito fertility

Mosquito problem in your area? Did you ever consider using your coffee grounds to inhibit the mosquitos?

One of the mosquitos that carries the Zika Virus, Aedes Aldopictus, inhibits a part of the reproductive cycle of the female. When coffee waste is present the mosquitos lay fewer eggs.

From the study:


The observations of the present study indicate a pronounced vulnerability of Ae. albopictus to the presence of coffee in its habitats during the early phases of its life cycle. The observations that coffee repels gravid females and inhibits larval eclosion provide novel possibilities in the search for novel oviposition deterrents and anti-larval eclosion agents against dengue vectors.

Those old coffee grounds may be useful to decrease the mosquito population. 


Mosquitos lay eggs in liquid – they are attracted to brown colored liquid – and if that is coffee, it inhibits mosquito fertility

Mosquito in Water It turns out these mosquitos are attracted to brown colored water – but the compounds in the coffee prevent normal mosquito development.

I can just see a Jim Hunt cartoon – a female mosquito at a fertility clinic with a cup of coffee.

So instead of tossing those old coffee grounds into the trash or down the sink, consider putting them into your garden and lawn.


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Published online 2015 May 14. doi: 10.1186/s13071-015-0874-6
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Coffee and its waste repel gravid Aedes albopictus females and inhibit the development of their embryos
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