Health of Trump and Clinton

Presidential Candidates have released fairly extensive health records.

Heart Disease:

Both candidates had coronary artery calcium scoring. This is done by CAT scan of the heart and is considered by many to be the better than a stress test.

Hillary Clinton’s score was 0 – meaning “no evidence of coronary artery disease.”

Donald Trump’s score was 98 – meaning “mild evidence of coronary artery disease.”

Of note, Mr. Trump does take medicine for decreasing cholesterol, and if you examine his blood levels they are all within range.


Both patients have had screening for cancers and there is no evidence this is an issue.

Deaths of Parents:

Some medical diseases run in families and longevity is fairly consistent between generations.

Hillary’s father died of a stroke and mother from heart disease.  Father at age 82 and mother at age 92.

Trumps father died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease for the six years prior to his death at age 93 when he succumbed to pneumonia.

Trump’s mother died at age 88. There is no record of what she died of.

Can we stop worrying about their health and worry about their health plans now?


Dr. Terry Simpson About Dr. Terry Simpson
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