The Year Of Legumes


When it comes to healthy eating there are some great foods that people don’t eat a lot of, but should. So in the New Year in our practice we call it the year of legumes.

Legumes: lentils (our focus in the next two months), beans, peas, and peanuts.  The more common ones that humans consume.

Want some data?

People who ate legumes four times a week had a 22% reduction in heart disease when compared to those who consumed legumes once a week or less.
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The Most Dangerous Diet Today

dangerous diets dr simpson

The HCG Diet

Drive around and you will find strip malls with “diet centers.” All promoting the “HCG” diet – with either shots, or pills, or drops. In some upscale places you will find “physician weight loss” centers that have “medical grade HCG” – and probably cost you more money. People will tell you how they lost weight, all because of this magic ingredient. But it isn’t the HCG that is causing weight loss – it is the highly restrictive 500 calorie diet that is causing the weight loss.
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Butter: Is it Good or Bad?


Butter is the vexing ingredient. Some say it is a great food, others say this pile of saturated fat is responsible for heart disease, cancer, and bad breath. But a recent analysis of multiple articles show that eating some butter does not increase the risk of dying from heart disease – and in fact, eating more butter may result in a decreased risk of diabetes.
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