• Forks Over Knives

    When a movie is considered to be a documentary, and held as the reason for many to adopt a Vegan lifestyle, it is worth reviewing. This is not a documentary, a documentary means the movie would be non-fiction. The movie is filled with feel good stories, misdirection, and information that is just not factual. Still this movie has an effect – and if it were not for the facts, after watching this movie I would give up lamb for beets.

  • Vegan Activism

    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine seems to play a bit loose with the facts about nutrition. This organization is less about research and evidenced based medicine, and far more about an agenda or advocacy.

  • What We Know About Fat

    The USDA recommendations for using less saturated fat and more monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat were not based no the scientific literature. What we really know about fat, and diet – based on prospective studies, is here- and it isn’t what you think it should be.